About us

We are a rapidly growing law firm, founded in 2006 by Mgr. Michal Onufer and Mgr. Andrea Torišková, born Ondrušková. Our office directly follows the professional activities of Dr. Anton Zirin, PhD., Lawyer, grandfather of  Mgr. Andrea Torišková, whose law firm was one of the first established after 1989 in Slovakia.

Our law firm provides legal services to its customers in different fields of Slovak and European law in Slovak, English, German, Russian and, if necessary, also Arabic language​​.

We are dealing with a wide range of problems from everyday routine matters to specific legal problems. We provide services to individuals and legal persons.

As part of our activities we cooperate with executors, notaries, experts, consultants, tax advisors and foreign law firms.

Our constant goal is to provide legal advice at a high professional level to achieve the desired results for our clients. The primary objective of our work is the satisfaction of the client, whose needs and interests we want to understand and give him comfort through quality and efficiency of legal services.