JUDr. Anton Zirin, Csc., Attoreny at Law, in memoriam, † 2003

Education and professional experience:

In 1941 graduation from Comenius University, Faculty of Law in Bratislava
1945 judge at Main military court, Bratislava
1967 title candidate of Legal sciences for economic law
1941- 1947 bank lawyer at Tatra banka, Bratislava
1947- 1971 lawyer at District Institute of the State Bank of Czechoslovakia
1971- 1979 arbitrator at State Arbitration, Bratislava
1971- 1995 member of federal and Slovak legislative committees, External member of examining boards for economic law  at Department  for economic law at Comenius University, Faculty of Law in Bratislava
1979- 1991 research at Institute for economic law, Bratislava
1991- 2003 Attorney at Law in Bratislava, after „velvet revolution“ in 1989 mostly  representation of foreign entrepreneurs , education of paralegals, legislative consulting , legal consulting in the process of establishment of two largest banks in Slovakia

Publishing activity:
over 70 technical articles and studies in the journal ŠBČS and over 80 in journals Právny obzor (Legal horizon), Právne štúdie (Legal studies), Hospodárstvo a právo (Economy and Law), Financie a úver (Finances and Loan), work: Humanizácia nášho práva 1967 (Humanization of our law 1967), co-author of 7 book publications, author of 7 books (Dodávateľsko-odberateľské vzťahy a Úverové a platobné vzťahy, Malá privatizácia)